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School Mission Statement

The Mission School community is committed to creating a rich and powerful curriculum which instills academic excellence, promotes self-reliance and encourages respect and appreciation through a variety of learning experiences.

"Preparing for College, Career and Life"

School Colors: Red and Black

School Mascot: Mustang 

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Uniform Guidelines

Every Mission student is required to wear a uniform

Bottoms - Black or Khaki

Tops - Red, Black, Grey, White

Shoes - Must be closed toe/heel. No sandals or flip flops

Spirit Wear - All Mission logo wear is acceptable uniform attire

Parent Emergency Information


Please follow the above link to information you should know were there ever to be an emergency. Thank you.

Supplemental Educational Services

Our school provides Supplemental Educational Services (SES) to eligible students. Eligible students are all students who qualify for Free or Reduced Breakfasts or Lunches. These services are free to all qualified students.  The following link will take you to the list of currently approved providers and directions for accessing these free services:



Spring has sprung, school is fun. Be on time!


Being late to school may lead to poor attendance. Attending school regularly and getting there on time helps children feel better about school, and themselves.

STATE TESTING COMING!! - April 11th through 29th

All parents of 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students,

After spring break has finished we will begin the process of state testing. Students will take their tests via a computer in the lab or at desks with laptops. They will be testing only about 50 minutes per day since it requires a lot of reading, and staring at a computer. There is a schedule set up and if you would like to know the times you contact your child's teacher.

We are asking that everyone have their children here on time each day, with a full meal in their tummies.  We provide free breakfast for every student every day so if you want we can take care of that by having them here between 7:30 and 7:55.  If you have opted for your child not to take the test then other arrangements have been made during the 50 minutes.


It is extremely important for your child to get a LOT of sleep during testing weeks because a rested mind is a working mind. We also need to know if any circumstances arise that will prevent them from doing their best, otherwise we encourage you to encourage them by cheering them on.


Thanks for making this testing season the best ever for your child.  We are proud of the students at Mission.

After School Arts Clubs

The good news is that Mission Elementary has started up two brand new after school arts clubs and one very cool before school computer club and one really awesome tutoring session.  A lottery allowed students to have a fair chance to be involved.


In the Drama Club - 3-4-5th graders will combine acting and dancing to put on a musical play to happen at Open House in May. Ms Courtney Trantham, our music teacher, will be the Director of the Club.


In the Dance Club - 1st and 2nd graders will learn from Ms  Natalie Ellis who has had classical dance training.  They too will be performing in May at Open House.   More details will come.


The ZERO Hour Computer Club is a first come first serve opportunity for students to go into the computer lab from 7:30 to 8:00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday's and work on Lexia or other academic programs that will enhance their skills.  Mrs VanDyke supervises Grades 1-5 are welcome to line up and try to be the first 35 students.


The Tutoring Time is on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30-3:30 where Mrs Van Dyke and Mrs White along with 5 wonderful aides are working with 3, 4, 5th graders on homework or other skills they need to master.


These are just some of the amazing things going on this year at Mission!!


School is very important in your child's life not only for what they learn but in the discipline they develop to get up and get to work on time. Most employers don't appreciate employees coming to work late or leaving early so having your child to school on time every day and not picking them up early is a way to promote a good work ethic.  Here are our school hours as a reminder:


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday  and Friday - 8:00 to 2:20/2:25 

Wednesdays - 8:00 to 1:00

Kindergarten is from 8:00-11:20 for morning and 11:00 - 2:20 for afternoon.

Picking your child up on time is imperative for safety reasons.  We do not have staff to supervise your children when they are picked up late. ALL students not picked up after 30 minutes and unsuccessful attempts to reach parents will necessitate our calling the authorities to insure that the student is safely handed off.  Also ALL emergency cards MUST be updated with the phone numbers and the people you want taking your child.  We will NOT hand a child to anyone not on the emergency card for safety reasons. Thank you for your cooperation.

Staying Healthy in Order to Stay in School

The best way to keep students healthy during the school year is to make sure they wash their hands. That simple tip matches the advice from experts at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): "Keeping hands clean through improved hand hygiene is one of the most important steps we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others." Below are links to additional information about viruses and vaccinations.

Contact Information

Monte Gregg


Crystal Hoch-Harper

Administrative Assistant


School Calendar

Today: 5/29/16


School Accountability Report Card  (SARC)

School Accountability Report Cards are intended to provide the public with important information about each public school and to communicate a school's progress in achieving its goals.  The information provided is primarily from the 2014-15 school year.

The SARCs are available in both English and Spanish.  AUSD's SARC have been posted on the district website.  The posting of the SARCs meets all state requirements for timeline and content.  The SARC link is located on the district website at: http://www.antioch.k12.ca.us/ under "Parents (link)."   If you do not have Internet access, please check in your school's office and they will provide you with a copy.


Informe del Cumplimiento Responsable de Funciones por parte de la Escuela / School Accountability Report Card (SARC)

Los informes del Cumplimiento Responsable de Funciones por parte del la Escuela (en inglés School Accountability Report Card) (SARC) tienen como objetivo brindarle al público información importante acerca del  desempeño de cada plantel público y de comunicar el alcance de las metas de cada escuela.  La información que le brindamos aquí es primordialmente para el ano escolar 2014-15.

Estos informes sobre SARC están en inglés y han sido traducidos al español.  Los informes SARC han sido publicados en la página de internet del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Antioch.  La información publicada cumple con todos los requisitos exigidos por el estado y con los plazos dados por este.  Vaya a la página:  http://antioch.k12.ca.us/ bajo "Parents" á el enlace para llegar a los reportes SARC.  Si usted no tiene Internet, en la escuela correspondiente le darán una copia.

Donor's Choose

DonorsChoose.org is an online charity that makes it easy for anyone to help students in need. Teachers submit proposals and then donors submit financial support. After going to the DonorsChoose website click on Projects to search first by state, then by district and then by school for a current listing of proposals. Thank you for supporting our students.

Teachers, if you are submitting a proposal for technology items please consult the Technology Department to make sure that support is available for the requested product(s).